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Planning and Economic Development

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eMacomb - Planning News, Fall 2014

Expansion of Planning Services to Local Communities - Village of New Haven

The Department of Planning and Economic Development has added a second Macomb County community to the list of municipalities receiving contractual planning services.  During the final months of 2013, an agreement was developed between the Village of New Haven and Macomb County in which the village pays the county a monthly retainer fee to provide traditional land use planning, site plan review and mapping services to the village.

Beginning in spring of this year, department staff worked with the Village of New Haven Planning Commission to update the community’s comprehensive master plan document.  This long-range document provides a series of goals and objectives tailored to guide physical development in the community, provide for expanded economic growth and to enhance quality of life for village residents.  During the process, planning commission members and department staff engaged community stakeholders, village staff and other local and regional planning agencies to obtain input for the process. At present, the final draft of the master plan document has been released by the New Haven Village Council for a mandatory 63 day public review and comment period.  The master plan is expected to be officially adopted by the Village Council at their February 2015 meeting.  A copy of the draft plan can be viewed at the Village of New Haven municipal offices or at the community’s website.

The department also has a contractual agreement with the city of Utica to provide similar planning services.  Utica was the first Macomb County community to enter into a services contract with the Department in the fall of 2012.  Since that time, department staff has worked with the community to update its sign ordinance and to develop a five year, comprehensive parks, recreation and open space plan.

To explore how Macomb County Planning and Economic Development could assist your community planning efforts through a contractual service agreement, please contact our Department Director John Paul Rea at 586-469-5285.