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eMacomb - Spotlight on Business, Spring 2011

O2 Ear Buddies: Relief for oxygen users

Ron Couts, founder and President of New Baltimore-based business O2 Ear Buddies, saw a problem that a family member was having, and wanted to fix it. His father had to use oxygen to breathe more easily, as do many of the tens of millions of Americans affected by lung or heart conditions. While the oxygen solved one problem, it created another.

That problem was the irritation caused by the constant rubbing of the cannula (oxygen tubing) on the back of the ears, resulting in discomfort at first, but, in his father’s case, leading to ulceration. The solution: O2 Ear Buddies.

These ultra-simple devices effortlessly fasten to any hat, visor or headband and can be removed just as quickly and easily without disrupting the patient.  They lift the cannula away from the ear so that the pressure is relieved. O2 Ear Buddies are made of durable lightweight medical grade plastic and are 100% made in the USA.  Reusable and easily transferable, they are latex free and virtually indestructible.

The mission of the O2 Ear Buddies company is simple: to earn the trust and respect of their customers who are using oxygen; by providing an economical solution to their ear pain.

Click here for further information or call toll free 1-877-796-2327.